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    Welcome to Falcon Covers UK Ltd a sewing factory steeped in the history of the traditional Yorkshire Mills but with all the benefits of a modern equipped factory within.


    We have been producing high end products for the last 30 years through this Yorkshire based Mill.

    Falcon Covers prides itself on the ethos of relying on the experience and skill of the local Yorkshire workforce to develop our products to high levels of exacting workmanship. Our attention to detail and quality of our sewn products puts us at the forefront of the return to Britain attitude of lots of our customers.

    We, as a matter of course, individually quality control all of our products from concept to completion.  Thus ensuring that our self-imposed exacting standards are met through pride in the workforces desire to continually produce a top quality product.

    Falcon Covers UK Ltd has grown out of an existing business that currently sews for the rugby industry and the specialist market of cycling wear. Customers were aware of our quality and expertise in these fields and were continually approaching us to sew products that were totally unconnected with these markets.

    Our decision to develop our market was crystalized when another Yorkshire manufacturer who works predominantly in the furniture, leisure and medical industries approached us. The manufacturer wanted to expand and develop their range of mattresses whilst keeping the production UK based. They also wanted to have control of the quality and be able to design and develop different products on a face-to-face basis.

    Falcon Covers UK Ltd through demand from customers and a fellow manufacturer was born to keep the pride in Made in England manufacturing alive.

  • Products

    Falcon Covers UK Ltd has, as previously mentioned, a wealth of experience that can produce practically any product if it is sewn!

    One of our strengths that we are building on is the mattress cover market.  Our covers are beautifully made with an attention to detail that is second to none with the use of spacer fabrics or embroideries. We are developing ranges with some high-end businesses that are looking for something that will give them an extra edge in the challenge of the UK market.

    We can produce pillow covers or an extra mattress protector to ensure that you are able to offer to your customers a full and complete product range.


    As with the majority of the medical market we are unable due to confidentiality to discuss this market sector in too much detail. But it is an area that we believe due to our exacting standards we can offer with confidence. So if you are looking for a specialist product that needs to be dealt with in a professional but on a non-disclosure basis we are more than willing to work with you to develop products on that basis.

    To highlight our product diversity we also sew dog bed covers. To be honest even our dog bed covers are special as they are made out of furniture upholstery fabric with an NHS accredited PU inner liner. So if you wish to push product boundaries Falcon Covers UK Ltd is the Company to use to help you do just that.

    If your product is sewn Falcon Covers UK Ltd is here to make that product a reality.

  • Private Residential Homes

    Key Products

    One of the key products we offer for this market at Falcon Covers UK Ltd is the zipped on mattress covers.

    2013-04-19 12.10.04 copy

    But our products as you would expect, are quite unique and can show residents and potential new residents that your attention to detail and hygiene takes you above your competitors.

    Falcon Covers UK Ltd mattress covers can be provided as a fully stretch on stretch off cover, the x3 sided zip makes it easy to remove to wash. We carry stock fabrics, which have Thermo regulating properties for prolonged bed users. Or you can provide fabrics which perhaps have your Company logo woven in.

    Falcon Covers UK Ltd can also provided complete mattress toppers with the same quality covers but with a unique inside comfort layer, Visco Lux. Unlike memory foam, Visco Lux, will still cushion and support the user and offer pressure relief but without any of the associated heat of a memory foam product. This product is based on the weight of a Tempur comfort layer product but as it is completely British made it will meet all the Crib 5 British Fire, Health and Safety Standards. The other benefits for the medical use of Visco Lux is that it is hypoallergenic, anti bacterial and bed bug resistant all USP(unique selling points) when promoting the benefits for the choice of home.

    We can also make cushions in the same Visco Lux inner comfort support layer that will ensure, as is recommended by the Medical Authorities, that patients are transferred from like to like products where possible. This is particularly important where an ulcer is apparent and the need to aerate every x2 hours will aid to the healing process so changes in positions is crucial.

    2013-04-19 12.12.59

    Falcon Covers UK Ltd can also tailor make our covers to meet the changing needs of the residents. Our ability to consider on an individual basis and still maintain the ‘good look’ and comfort of the above stretch on cover has resulted in the Falcon Dual Purpose Cover.

    The Falcon Dual Purpose Cover comes with the added advantage of an attached top layer of PU that will ensure it is completely waterproof. This PU top layer is underneath the stretch fabric so the dignity of the resident is maintained at all times. The specialist Crib 5 PU fabric is used extensively in the NHS as it is not only waterproof but also vapour permeable (ensuring air flow), anti bacterial and machine washable.

  • Contract Domestic Covers

    Picture 435

    As Falcon Covers UK Ltd work with some customers who are members of the National Bed Federation we automatically have to ensure our covers will meet the recognized standards of quality workmanship associated with those members.

    You will be able to provide the fabrics of your choice that has been designed to enhance your Corporate Brand and we at Falcon Covers UK Ltd will produce a product that reflects that.

    The domestic cover market is highly competitive and there are plenty of imported mattress covers that are made for example in Turkey or Poland. We at Falcon Covers UK Ltd promote the sheer fact that we are British made and we are proud to promote Made In England manufacturing.

    Falcon Covers UK Ltd will not be the cheapest but we are confident that we will be one of the best in terms of producing a quality made product. We can offer far better and more flexible league times in actually getting the finished stock ready for you to pick up and start delivering to your customers. We can react to urgent orders in a far more reactive time scale than having to wait for transport to import into the UK.

    The type of make you require can be discussed and tailor made to fit both the top and lower ends of the domestic mattress market.

    2013-04-19 12.21.04

    An area of growth we have found is the student and rental market. Both of these markets suffer from the multi use of mattresses. This multi use can result in stained and generally dirty looking mattresses. The overall look of an unclean mattress can be off putting for both a student and a prospective renter alike as the immediate association with the unclean mattress is it is unhygienic and probably rife with bed bugs.

    A completely enclosed, machine washable mattress cover can literally hide a ‘multitude of sins’. This option of covering the existing mattress is a far cheaper and more economical proposition than replacing the complete mattress.

    The benefits are that the student and renter are more inclined to choose your accommodation above your competitors and that will ultimately increase your revenue with a fairly low capital injection.

    Falcon Covers UK Ltd is here to make your completed product a Made in England product. That product will have been designed and manufactured using our own local work force helping to keep the UK economy going and hopefully seeing it grow from strength to strength.

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    Private Residential Homes

    One of the key products we offer for this market at Falcon Covers UK Ltd is the zipped on mattress covers.

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    If your product is sewn, Falcon Covers Ltd is here to make it a reality.

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    We ensure our covers will meet the recognized standards of quality workmanship.

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